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Your Cheat Sheet to Philadelphia’s School System


Your Cheat Sheet to Philadelphia’s School System

With such a wide variety of public, private, magnet, and charter schools available, Philadelphia’s school system can feel overwhelming to navigate. That’s why our team has pulled together the ultimate cheat sheet to seamlessly guide you through the schooling options available for your family. 

Wondering what the main differences are between some of Philly’s most common schooling options? One of the most popular types of schools across our nation is Public education, which is funded by the taxes we pay as citizens. It’s important to note that public schools vary by district, since they are locally funded. Moreover, Magnet schools are public schools that specialize in one particular subject, such as science or performing arts. These schools may offer a competitive admissions and application process.

Charter schools receive public funding, but function similarly to private schools. They can be managed by a variety of parties and high-demand schools can require an application process. Finally, Private education can be categorized into different groups, such as religious or Parochial schools, or even prep schools. Most of these academies require tuition payments and specific enrollment procedures. From Chestnut Hill to Center City, find your desired neighborhood and its designated schools below.



Considering attending private school? Read more about the application process, deadlines, timeline, and cost at the bottom of this section! 

Shockingly, most schools with application processes require students to apply nearly a full year prior to the start of the school year! One of the first steps of the application process is determining which schools you will actually want to apply to. Start attending open houses and private school showings as early as two to three years before enrolling in both Kindergarten and High School. If you’re new to the area, you’ll want to start looking in-person at least a year before enrolling in a brand new school.

Magnet Schools 



Be sure to compare your options and ask any questions you may have! Once you and your family have determined which schools would be the right fit, submit your applications. Refer to this website for extensive information on where and how to apply. For more detailed information on the application for local insights please connect with Rob Lamb and his team today.