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Winter Preparation


Winter Preparation

This week marks the beginning of the FALL of 2021. In some parts of the country, the only suggestion of this shift might be a little cooling and a bit less light. For other parts, the seasonal shift marks the beginning of the approach of Winter. Preparing early for winter is always smart! Here are some things to do that might be worth sharing with you:

1. Have you had your heating systems/generator serviced recently?

2. Paint, caulk and seal exterior surfaces.

3. Have a plan to rake and remove leaves if they are not being mulched while mowing (which is better). Leaves piled up over the winter are mostly not good for lawns, driveways, and roofs/gutters.

4. When last was your chimney cleaned? Do you have enough firewood?

5. Do you have sufficient fuel supplies for heating?

6. Do you have an emergency 5-day kit and plan for a potential power outage or blizzard?

7. Seal masonry and hard surfaces.

8. Change batteries for smoke alarms and smoke detectors or set a date to do so. If your systems are not hard-wired.

9. Schedule a date to shut down your pool.

10. Schedule a date to shut down irrigation systems and drain exterior pipes/faucets. Mark all shut-off valves clearly for future ease of use.

11. Check your trees for weak or dead limbs that could break easily with the weight of snow/ice/wind and remove them. Don’t prune/shape trees until later in Winter.

12. Store all equipment and sharpen tools early for spring use.

13. Check your home for energy leaks that could reduce your heating bills.

14. Stock up on supplies for snow and ice removal and confirm your plowing schedule/contract.

15. Do you have an updated list of emergency numbers to call?

16. Do you have a power backup for your phone/electronics.

17. Cover or store outdoor furniture.

18. Plan a date to mark your driveway for the snow plower.

19. Reverse ceiling fans.

20. Test your sump pump.

What else could be added to this list? Let us know in the comments.