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Andrea Muhammad

PA Sales Agent | REALTOR®

License # RS331864

Meet Andrea

Andrea Muhammad was born and raised in Philadelphia and the surrounding Montgomery county. She now resides in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia and has been a dependable member of Rob Lamb’s real estate team for many years and is now a dedicated agent at Curated Living. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Dynamics, graduating cum laude, and specializes in strategic planning, negotiation, and conflict resolution. She also has experience as a paralegal with over 20 years in the legal, community development, and non-profit fields.

Andrea first discovered her love for real estate while working for one of the city’s most prominent community-developers and investors. After seeing what real estate and understanding real estate could do for her and her future, she enrolled in Temple University’s Real Estate Institute and embarked on her journey as a licensed Realtor®. Andrea is a skilled and accomplished real estate agent with years of experience under her belt and an enhanced perspective of the region because she is actively engaged with community organizations including the YMCA Philadelphia where is a board member.

As a U.S. Navy Veteran, Andrea not only finds joy in helping clients find their 'forever home', but also in helping her clients find security in both their choice and her guidance. She has honed her skills in facilitating single and multi-family rehab sales for investors, where she consistently helps them exceed their investment goals. Whether Andrea is engrossed in community service projects or skydiving over the Andes in South America, she is committed to serving you with the care, professionalism, and honesty you deserve.

Andrea's Favorites

Favorite Fishing Spot

Valley Creek

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Favorite Breakfast Spot

Breakfast Boutique

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Favorite Coffee Shop

Adelie Coffee House

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Favorite Gym, Childcare, and Community Center


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