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Increasing The Value Of Your Home


Increasing The Value Of Your Home

Thinking of having a new house for your family this year can be challenging given the current pandemic situation. But you can do something to your own home so that it can increase its value and have it ready by the time you are ready to sell.

Here are some tips that you may do to add ka-ching to your beloved abode.

  1. Increase air ventilation in your house. Since most of what’s happening in the world are caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, this made us view wellness differently. This also took us to see the places we frequent differently, including our homes. Most house hunters now look into air ventilation, since improved air ventilation decreases the possibility of the virus staying in your homes. Make sure to have more windows, check HVAC systems, use low-VOC paints, and make use of insulation construction materials in renovation.
  2. Retouch the bathroom. Did you know that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so having a bathroom touch-up can be a good move and it will make a huge difference to your homes. Making it appear a couple of decades younger.
  3. Add a flexible room. Due to the pandemic, more people are staying in their homes more than usual, and because of this, room usage has changed and became more flexible. Rather than a house being used for work, the mindset has been shifted to having rooms for various purposes – such as gym, schoolroom, or media room. When the pandemic subsides, remote work and distance learning likely won’t be as prevalent, but having an additional living space that can be used for various activities will continue to be attractive.
  4. Make some spaces social media-friendly. Most of the people are now online, and if your house is beautiful to look at online, it is highly likely to have it sold. Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are the common avenues for people to look into houses. And adding some cove lights, good wallpaper, or a nice garden may add plus points to your home.

This may not be the right time to sell your beloved home, but always see this as an opportunity to rediscover what you can do more to your houses.